Parish Council


Chair: Mrs Noushin Rostami, 34 Primrose Hill, Lt Gransden SG19 3DP email (Co-opted 6 September 2018; Trustee and Parish Council representative Little Gransden Village Hall; co-ordinator Friendship Club)


John Jefferies, Ash Tree Cottage, Fullers Hill, Lt Gransden SG19 3BP email (Co-opted 3 May 2018; co-ordinator Information Signs working party;

Oliver Hipwell, Hill Farm, 8 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN Tel: 07944 547685 email (Elected 3 May 2018; Vice-chair; Biodiversity & Tree Officer)

Jaco Koen, 31 Primrose Hill Little Gransden SG19 3DP Co-opted 9 July 2020 email:


Mrs Sylvia Sullivan, 3 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP Tel: 01767 677906, email

Office hours: 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday

Will be held at Little Gransden Village Hall, subject to Government guidelines and regulations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thursdays at 7:30pm through 2021:

* 4 March

* 6 May (Annual General Meeting)

* 8 July (Annual Parish Meeting)

* 2 September
* 4 November

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings - because of Covid-19, please notify the Clerk in advance. Items that you would like Councillors to discuss must be presented in writing to the Clerk at least a week before the meeting.

Agenda and Minutes of meetings are placed on the village noticeboard and are posted on the website Blog, together with other information, notices and news.

Planning applications
Additional meetings to discuss planning applications may be held. Provisional planning meeting dates for 2021 are 4 February, 1 April, 3 June, 5 August, 7 October, 2 December.

Planning applications may be viewed on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website.

Meet your councillors
John Jefferies
John Jefferies was born and brought up on the family farm at Fullers Hill, Little Gransden, where he continues to live and work. He has served on the Parish Council for several years, including two terms as Chairman.

Oliver Hipwell
Born in Little Gransden and now moved back into the village, as well as working on my familiy’s farm for the past 8 years: these connections mean I have a true passion about the village’s rural environment and fascinating history. I understand the importance of everyone having a voice, and feel that I am able to provide the voice and outlook of a younger member of the community.

Robert Murden
Robert Murden has lived in Cambridgeshire all his life, moving to Little Gransden in 2008. He is married with two daughters. His career began in production engineering for high-tech companies in Cambridge and progressed to purchasing manager for a large heating and ventilation company. Inthe past he was an enthusiastic football and cricket player and half-marathon runner. He is now retired, which gives him more time to play golf and bowls.

Noushin Rostami (co-opted 6 September 2018)
I am a resident of Little Gransden. I moved here almost 18 years ago and brought up my young family. Due to work commitments, I was away from the village for a period of time. However, I have been back more than four years and, for good. I work part-time as an Occupational Health Adviser for Cambridge University. I so enjoy being part of this beautiful and friendly village. As a Parish Councillor I hope to be a voice for my co-residents. I bring my life experience as a mature mother who is also thinking of the legacy we leave for future generations living in this area.

Jaco Koen
Born in South Africa I became a naturalised British citizen in 2009. Moving to Little Gransden in February 2016 with my wife Estelle and daughter Lani, we have fallen in love with the village, the surroundings and the people here. As a keen DIY'er I keep busy at home on weekends, and during the week I am the Managing Director of RNT Tanks and Silos Ltd, located in Gamlingay. Previous to this I have worked in Life Sciences for various companies in the UK and abroad. There have also been a few years in Botswana, where I started a commercial hydroponic farm growing tomatoes for the local market. Although I enjoy the basic things in life, I appreciate the importance of progress and am a student in getting his balance right. If successful, I would offer both my managerial and practical skills and experience to the benefit of the council and the residents of Little Gransden.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013



Thursday, 5 September 2013 at 7.30 p.m.
at the Village Hall.

Present: Councillors J Gillett, A Penrose, B Bates, County Councillor S Kindersley, District Councillor B Smith, 16 members of the public

Minutes taken by: S Sullivan
The Chair was taken by J Gillett.

After welcoming everyone, J Gillett said that he very much regretted to have to announce the resignation, received that day, of Councillor Bourne.
145. MINUTES OF THE MEETING ON 11 JULY were approved as a correct record subject to an amendment at point 125. The minutes were signed.
146. MATTERS ARISING Point 123: A Penrose reported that he had reported the split saltbin to the highways department.
144. OPEN FORUM (15 minutes) (Taken out of order)
Mrs Seabright said that she would like to say ‘thank you’ to the 85 residents who had supported her in a recent High Court case. Mr Pemberton expressed concern at the amount of public funds that had been spent on defending the action. Mrs Seabright said that she had liaised with the Parochial Church Council over the removal of the horse chestnut tree on the footpath after a branch had fallen.
J Gillett wished to record Mrs Seabright’s help in taking down the chestnut tree.
Mr Safford asked about the progress of recruiting another parish councillor.
Mr Brown advised that an ash tree on the border of his property in Main Road had been taken down on safety grounds.
Mr Bowron referred to the Local Development framework and said that residents should be aware that if proposals to develop the land adjacent to the village hall were taken forward, this could have a negative impact on the village hall, restricting its activities.
Ms Brooks enquired about speed restricting measures such as speed bumps or speedwatch cameras. (In response, Councillor Kindersley advised that speed limits were the responsibility of the County Council; it was the police’s duty to enforce them. He suggested attending the Police Panel meeting.)
The Open Forum was closed.
147. FIFTH PARISH COUNCILLOR Cllr Gillett advised that two applications had been received. The process had now been compounded by Cllr Bourne’s resignation, as yet another casual vacancy had been created; the statutory notice would be placed on the parish noticeboard, with a view to obtaining a full complement of councillors as soon as possible.
148.1 Local Development Framework – the extension of the deadline for responses was noted. The new deadline was 14 October. The Parish Council decided to make no further comments.
148.2 Local Development Framework – the Parish Council decided to make no further comments regarding the presentation on behalf of clients by Bidwells Land Agents
148.3 Consultation on Strategic Direction Statement – Water – Cllr Penrose reported that this 68 page document listed seven or eight priorities, and ways in which customers could help by conserve water and use it responsibly. He felt there was no immediate need for the Parish Council to respond, but that it was of ongoing interest.
148.4 Parish Liaison Meeting An invitation to attend the next meeting on 1 October was given to Cllr Penrose to consider.
149. VILLAGE SIGN –damage to the village sign as a result of a tractor and trailer accident was noted. The Clerk had obtained an estimate for the cost of its repair, and reported that the person responsible for the damage had offered to repair it himself. Councillors AGREED to accept that offer. ACTION: Clerk
The meeting was closed while residents’ views were sought over repositioning the sign. The meeting was re-opened.
It was AGREED to re-position the sign on the verge on the south side of Primrose Walk. Councillor Kindersley advised that Council permission would not be necessary.
150. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORT Cllr Smith reported that winter gritting routes were currently being considered. Under the LDP an infrastructure levy would replace Section 106 payments, which would result in parishes receiving less money as a direct result of development.  The maintenance and repairs to Council-owned tenanted properties had been outsourced and had been the subject of complaints. There was concern about the wider implications of the LDP on traffic management and infrastructure, and public transport. It was suggested that a liaison group for example of villages on the B1198 could be a useful way to promote the villages’ views effectively.
ACTION: Clerk to contact Longstowe Parish Council, which was understood to be considering such a measure. (Mrs Seabright’s offer to attend such a liaison group was noted.)
151. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT Cllr Kindersley reported that the subject of buses was back in the melting pot and a new team of five people had been appointed to oversee. The County Council was trying to get by and run on subsidised buses. Cllr Kindersley would keep the PC informed. The guided busway settlement would cost the taxpayer £33 million.
152. WEBSITE – In Mr Griffiths’ absence, the Clerk reported that the website was a work in progress. Residents could register for updates via the blog and the Clerk was working with Mr Griffiths for agendas, minutes and policy documents to be uploaded.
153. PLANNING 7 Church Walk S/2300/12/FL Councillors noted that an appeal had been lodged.
1 Church Street, The Old Rectory S/0354/13/FL Councillors noted the receipt of material for information only.
154.1 Roads – It was AGREED to recommend that Primrose Hill be added to the winter gritting programme – ACTION: Clerk;
154.2 Footpaths – Concern was expressed that the stump left by the chestnut tree on the churchyard footpath could be a hazard – ACTION Clerk to contact Highways;
154.3 Bridleways – Two residents had contacted the Clerk to express approval and thanks for work carried out on Bridleways 4 and 7.
155. LITTLE GRANSDEN AERODROME- in response to a resident’s enquiry at the meeting on 11 July, the Clerk reported that Messrs Jefferies had replied that the log book had been checked and although the amount of aerobatic activity had increased because of Mark Jefferies’ engagements, the number of take-offs had not increased.
156. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Councillors noted that Little Gransden had a new PCSO, Karen Mahoney; the next Police Panel meeting would be on 17 October at the Ecohub, Gamlingay. ACTION: Clerk to confirm contact details for PCSO.
157. VILLAGE HALL – Trevor Brown reported that the grant for £13,000 had been received and that almost all the projected work had been completed. An opening ceremony had been held on 17 July. There had been a major problem with blocked drains, which now seemed to have been resolved. Theatre of Widdershins had been booked to present children’s puppet theatre (Three Billy Goats Gruff) on 22 September, and Gamlingay Players had booked the hall for 9 November to add an extra date for their latest production The Importance of Being Earnest.
158. LITTLE GRANSDEN ENERGY GROUP – Trevor Brown reported that there would be a Gamlingay Green Day on 19 October at the Ecohub – entrance was free.  He had heard no more from South Cambs following their presentation to the village about working on historic houses.
159. FIRST WORLD WAR - COMMEMORATION No wish was expressed to  commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War. It was noted that the Gransdens Society had put out a request for residents’ recollections of any who had been involved. J Gillett said that the British Legion had not so far issued any guidelines.
160. CHURCH – There would be a meeting to elect Churchwarden of Little Gransden Church Sunday 22 September after the 9.30 am service.
161. THREEWAYS, MAIN ROAD – Councillors noted that grounds maintenance had been undertaken recently.
162. FINANCE –  Remittance received £2.20 in respect of copies of information requested. Expenditure as follows: Training fees £70; Clerk’s salary July 2013 £202.33, August 2013 £202.33, reimbursement of photocopying and stationery expenses £15.99 - APPROVED Proposed by B Bates, seconded by A Penrose
163. TRAINING – there would be outreach training at the Reading Rooms on 2 October. ACTION: A Penrose to attend – he would contact Diane Taylor.
164. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Thursday 7 November 7.30 pm, Little Gransden Village Hall (other meetings)
Provision for Planning Meetings: 7 October, 2 December, 6.00 pm Village Hall.
165. CLOSURE OF MEETING 9.18 pm.

Little Gransden Parish Council has adopted the Model Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act.