Chair: Oliver Hipwell, Hill Farm, 8 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN Tel: 017944 547685 email (Elected 5 May 2022; Vice-chair; Biodiversity and Tree Officer)

John Jefferies, Ash Tree Cottage, Little Gransden SG19 3BP email (Co-opted 12 May 2022 )

Mrs Noushin Rostami, 34 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP (Elected 5 May 2022; co-ordinator Friendship Club)

Emma Ward 6 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN (Elected 5 May 2022; trustee and parish council representative for Little Gransden Village Hall)

Aston Cox, Gransden Lodge, Longstowe Road, Little Gransden SG19 3EB (co-opted 11 May 2023

Clerk: Sylvia Sullivan, 3 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP Tel: 01767 677906, email Office hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Closure of Caxton Road in August

This is a notice from Cambridgeshire County Council NOTICE is given that Cambridgeshire County Council has made an Order pursuant to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the effect of which is to stop any vehicle from proceeding along Gransden Road, Caxton as lies between Church Farm and Ermine Street. Access will be maintained to properties affected by this order. The alternative route for vehicles is via B1046 - A1198 and vice versa. The Order is made to facilitate carriageway resurfacing and associated works which are being carried out on or near this highway and it will come into operation on 5 August 2024 and continue until these works have finished or on the 4 February 2026 whichever is the earlier. It is anticipated that these works will be carried out between 07:30hrs and 18:30hrs 5 August to 19 August 2024. Posted by S Sullivan, Clerk to Little Gransden Parish Council

Friday 5 July 2024

Agenda for Little Gransden Parish Council Meeting 11 July 2024

Agenda (with Clerk's Report) for Little Gransden Parish Council meeting Thursday 11 July 2024 7.30 p.m. Little Gransden Village Hall.

Sunday 16 June 2024

Climate Change and Carbon Footprint

Please find information below on the Cambridge Carbon Footprint who offer community events/activities across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The organisation was established to alleviate people's anxiety regarding climate change and help them establish events/activities to support the reduction in carbon emissions in local communities. Their mission is to inspire people to engage with climate change and empower them, individually and within their communities, to move towards low carbon living. CCF offer a varied programme of events and activities which will inspire people to engage with climate change and empower them to join together to build a low-carbon future. Some central themes of their work are effective communication about climate change, home energy, transport, food, other consumption, and waste. CCF can support community organisations with establishing: Repair Cafes Thermal Imaging cameras/training to look at heat leaks in homes. Running a Clothes Swap Visits to Eco Homes Training and loan of a Carbon Dioxide Monitor to monitor CO2 level in homes. The link to their website is as follows: Home - Cambridge Carbon Footprint