Chair: Mrs Noushin Rostami, 34 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP (Co-opted 6 September 2018; Trustee and Parish Council representative for Little Gransden Village Hall; co-ordinator Friendship Club) John Jefferies, Ash Tree Cottage, Little Gransden SG19 3BP email (Elected 3 May 2018; co-ordinator Information Signs Working Party) Oliver Hipwell, Hill Farm, 8 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN Tel: 017944 547685 email (Elected 3 May 2019; Vice-chair; Biodiversity and Tree Officer) Jaco Koen, 31 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP email: (Co-opted 9 July 2020) Clerk: Sylvia Sullivan, 3 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP Tel: 01767 677906, email Office hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Friday, 28 September 2018

Reminder – road closure!

Reminder – the road between Great Gransden and Waresley will be closed on Sunday 30 September. Waresley Parish Council asks residents to use alternative routes on that day.

Winter Gritting - volunteers wanted

The County Council would like to thank the volunteers that took part in our Community Gritting Scheme during a very challenging winter season last year.  
For those hearing about the Community Gritting Scheme for the first time it is a scheme where Local volunteers can help to keep their community moving in freezing weather. Under this scheme, the parish or town council agrees specific routes in their area which are important to the local community and agrees them with the county council.   
If you would like to help, please contact the Clerk or one of your Parish Councillors before 25 October. 
For further information please see our web page:


Monday, 17 September 2018

Fifth Parish Councillor co-opted for Little Gransden

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that at the Parish Council meeting on 6 September 2018 Mrs Noushin Rostami of 34 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden  was co-opted to fill the vacancy remaining since the election in May.
Noushin introduces herself:

“I am a resident of Little Gransden. I moved here almost 18 years ago and brought up my young family. Due to work commitments I was away from the village for a period of time. However, I have been back more than 4 years, and, for good.  I work part-time as an Occupational Health Adviser for Cambridge University. I so enjoy being part of this beautiful and friendly village. As a Parish Councillor, I hope to be a voice for my co-residents. I bring my life experience as a mature mother who is also thinking of what legacy we leave for our future generations, living in this area.”

Road closure Gransden–Waresley Sunday 30 September

Waresley-cum-Tetworth Parish Council advises that work is to be carried out that will involve closure of the Gransden–Waresley Road on Sunday 30 September. 
Road users will be asked to use alternative routes. 
WPC assures you that inconvenience to local residents will be kept to a minimum.

Minutes for Little Gransden Parish Council meeting 12 July 2018

Minutes for Little Gransden Parish Council meeting 12 July 2018.

Sunday, 2 September 2018