Chair: Oliver Hipwell, Hill Farm, 8 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN Tel: 017944 547685 email (Elected 5 May 2022; Vice-chair; Biodiversity and Tree Officer)

John Jefferies, Ash Tree Cottage, Little Gransden SG19 3BP email (Co-opted 12 May 2022 )

Mrs Noushin Rostami, 34 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP (Elected 5 May 2022; co-ordinator Friendship Club)

Emma Ward 6 Main Road, Little Gransden SG19 3DN (Elected 5 May 2022; trustee and parish council representative for Little Gransden Village Hall)

Aston Cox, Gransden Lodge, Longstowe Road, Little Gransden SG19 3EB (co-opted 11 May 2023

Clerk: Sylvia Sullivan, 3 Primrose Hill, Little Gransden SG19 3DP Tel: 01767 677906, email Office hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Thursday 14 March 2013

Little Gransden Energy Group (LGEG)

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon are holding an Eco Workshop that covers Retrofit Eco Solutions on Saturday 25th August.  To register for free entry, phone 0845 223 4455 or visit

Grand Designs Live are holding an exhibition at the Birmingham NEC from 12th to 14th October.  See for details.

You may be interested in an electronic marketplace for shares in community led sustainable energy projects, currently being developed by Emily Mackay. Emily is based in Cambridge, and would be happy and interested to hear from people with questions.  Her email address is, and phone number is 07952 471291. There is also information at